Maltepe District is Protected Against Natural Disasters by Voluntary Communities

Funded with 154.711 Euro by Istanbul Development Agency, “Maltepe District is Protected Against Natural Disasters by Voluntary Communities” project was accomplished by Maltepe District Governorship in cooperation with Maltepe Municipality, Istanbul Directorate of Disaster and Emergency Management Authority and Maltepe Association of Volunteers Against Disasters at the second half of 2016. Thanks to this project, both governmental organisations and non-governmental communities formed a successful cooperation to improve their present human force and organisational capacity in assessing source of risks, preparing a schema for prevention and managing due precautions against natural disasters. In this sense, following results were obtained from the project:
– Constructed a prefabricated and well-located “Maltepe Disaster Center” and handed over to Maltepe Municipality to run in coordination with non-governmental organisations.
– Provided 368 volunteers with the basic training for awareness and preparedness about natural disasters. 
– Strengthened coordination among governmental and non-governmental organisations in Maltepe.
–  Raised awareness of thousands of students in schools by making presentations about natural disasters and basic precautions to take against them.
– Shoted and released an informative short film about natural disasters as public service announcement.
In conclusion, a considerable amount of financial resource was put into service to heighten public awareness about natural disasters and coordinate responsible organisations to take action against likely natural disasters risk in Maltepe.
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