Maltepe Governor Mr. Dallı Paid Visit to Project “Students From Secondary School to University All in Together”

Students Stand Together and Succeed All in Together

Maltepe District Governorship initiated a new project to stand against the school dropout problems.

Maltepe Governor Mr. Meftun Dallı has visited the project of “Students from Secondary Schools to University All in Together”, which has been extended to a second-year in partnership of Maltepe University Research and Application Centre for Street Children. In this project, students under the risk of dropping out their schools were prompted to join an array of cultural and artistic workshop activities in company with their peers from Maltepe Univeristy so that these workshops could strengthen peer-to-peer attachment among them and give rise to a positive attitude towards learning and entertainment in the school environment. It was a great success ratio that 49 students, nearly 96 percent of the target students, had attended workshops and lessons in accordance. In other words, only 4 percent of those student had dropped out the school due to our project.

What matters the most is able to leave marks on another person’s heart

Governor Mr. Dallı has observed the ongoing activities and he obtained information from the project team and students. During this visit, he stated that “There is nothing like leaving your marks on someone else’s heart and I am glad to see that you can do this hard job.” Besides, he visited each workshop study on its location and kept in touch with the participants thereof. At the end of visit, Governor Mr. Dallı extended his sincere thanks to notably Asst. Prof. Dr. Özden Bademci,  her colleagues and all the fellows who contributed to this project. Finally Mr. Dallı said that he was ready to do his part no matter what it is, because this kind of projects must be extended to other schools in order to prevent the actual increase in school dropout rates.


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