Students From Secondary School to University All in Together

Maltepe District Governorship and Maltepe University Research and Application Centre for Street Children have achieved a phenomenal success for the secondary school students at risk of school dropout by “Students from Secondary School to University All in Together” project. Due to this brilliant success, the past 1-year bilateral agreement signed between the governorship and university was extended to a second year in 2017. Critical to project application is that secondary school students in the risk group and their mentoring peers who study in the psychology department of university have opportunity to take place in the same school workshops on diverse cultural and art subjects. Attending these workshops,  the youngsters in the risk group are involved in a great deal of creativity and communication activities in support of their peers so that these collaborative activities could enable them to develop a secure attachment to their peers. Besides, this project also set an example for effective communication practices between academicians and school counseling services since all workshops were organised in the close collaboration of school counselors and academicians. At the end of its first implementation year, the project had already attained a great success in preventing school drop out with a 96% ratio. In other words, only 4% of the project participants at risk of school dropout left project workshops and dropped out the school. In this second year, we hope to accomplish a 100% ratio of success.

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