Youth Leaders from Maltepe Attended Erasmus+ Training Course in Italy

Kick-off meeting of the Eramus+ “Terrarum Orbis” project, in which Maltepe District Governorship is project partner of the leading organisation P.E.CO., had already been held with participation of project leaders in Debrecen/Hungary two months before. As the follow-up second activity of this project, youth leaders training course was held in Genova/Italy between the dates of 20-26 July with participation of 4 youth leaders from Maltepe. In this last project activity, 27 youth leaders from Turkey, Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom and Greece participated in a well-organised training course with regard to immigration problems and documentary preparation techniques. All participants were awarded with Erasmus+ Youthpass certificate.

First Day Activities

The first day of training course began with various speed-meeting and icebreaker activities. Training program pertain to the following 4 days were also introduced to participants. Afterwards, trainers explained aims and goals of the “Terrarum Orbis” training course and they built several teams to further discuss these aims at the end of day.

Second Day Activities

Some basic terms such as migration, immigration and human rights were identified and issued with participants in a collaborative way. By means of enjoyable interactive games and creative dialogue activities, trainers drew participants’ attention to complex and tough matters with regard to migration processes. Late in the second day, trainees were acquainted with basic skills on doing interviews with migrants, video shooting techniques, features of documentary movies so that they felt ready themselves for shooting their first documentary video in the next day.


Third Day Activities

For trainees to experience hard living conditions of migrants, training course program included a visiting to the Multicultural Market area where migrants live off selling second-hand or reusable materials. Due to this real-world experience, participants took the opportunity to put their previously gained theoretical knowledge into practice. Moreover, they achieved to shoot their first documentary videos by interviewing with migrant sellers and hence empathizing with those people. When returned to the training venue, trainees edited present documentary records by using the video making techniques that they had learned one day before.

Aside from that documentary preparation agenda, trainees also met with an experienced journalist who is expert on migrant stories. By interacting with this experienced journalist, trainees improved their current awareness on migration problems.

A round-table evaluation of the conducted interviews was made in the evening of third day. Later on, each country made a presentation on current migration demographics and historical background laid behind migration problems in their countries. In this sense, youth leaders from Maltepe district presented some slides expressing how Turkish people have been living with migrants in safe and peace for hundreds of years, although they also drew on likely risks arising from recent streams of Syrian migrants towards Turkey.

Fourth Day Activities

In that last day of training course, next steps of the project was explained to the participants. That is to say, some critical points to the following youth exchange activities in Debrecen (Hungary) and Genova (Italy) were addressed to them in detail. These were participant selection procedures, documentary preparation processes, cultural adaptation of the selected participants. Therefore, a draft program of the next project activities has been done in association with participants.

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