Youngsters from Maltepe Joined Youth Camp in Hungary

For the third round activity of the ‘TERRARUM ORBIS’ project, an international youth camp was held between 29th of July and 06th of August 2017 in Debrecen/Hungary. Tens of youngsters from Italy, France, Hungary, Greece, Britain, Turkey  have successfully joined project activities.

1st Day

On the first day of youth camp, training program started with ice breaking activities so that participants met each other. Following to these activities, a general presentation and aim of the project were described in detail.

2nd Day

Each country made a presentation of their country’s migration history.Thus, diverse “Migration Histories’  were investigated by teams. Afterwards, a ‘Role Play’ game was played in which each participant imaginatively experienced livelihood of legal and illegal immigrants, while adapting to a new life or trying to find a job.


3rd Day

On the third day of the training, ‘Interviews with Immigrants’ activity was addressed to participants. A preliminary training was held to promote participants’ active listening and speaking competences because they will study with immigrants. Later on, the interviews were made with some local Hungarian people who visited the camp site.

4th Day

Participants went downtown of Budapest and interviewed with local journalists. They informed participants about immigration problems in Hungary and participants had opportunity to discuss current problems in detail.

5th Day

All day long participants dealt with the videos they shot during the previous days in order to prepare their own documentary videos. These ‘Final Event’ products were planned to be completed till the next day.

6th Day

Another visit was paid to downtown of Debrecen. Therein, participants interviewed with the Hungarian people at the public area of the city square. Therefore, they observed Hungarian people’s attitudes towards immigrants and immigration issues.

7th Day

The present youth exchange project and youth camp facilities were discussed in detail. Each participant evaluated the program activities with their pros and cons. They shared opinions to promote the next youth camp to be held in Genova between the dates of 24th of August and 1st of September. Finally,  all participants were awarded with the ‘YouthPass’ certificate of Erasmus+ programme.

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