Terrarum Orbis (Globe), International Documentary Project on Refugees and their Cultural Adaptation

In the cooperation of five organisations from five different country, which are Maltepe District Governorship from Turkey, Pistes Solidares Meditarranee from France, Balik Arts from UK, Progetti Europei di Coperazione from Italy, Sillogos Filon Xeno from Greece and Villagjaro Onkentes Nonprofit KFT from Hungary, the  Terrarum Orbis Erasmus+ KA1 project started with approval of Italian National Agency.

In this project, refugee and migrant youngsters’ cultural adaptation problems have been addressed to capture these issues in situ from an artistic aspect by shooting an international documentary in migrants’ own expressions, sounds and world, namely Terrarum Orbis (Globe). For this purpose, 35 youngsters (15 migrants + 20 local residents) from 5 countries will meet in two youth camping activities to be held respectively in Hungary and Italy. In order to gain knowledge and experience on migrants issues and documentary techniques, 4 youth leaders from Maltepe participate in the preliminary training course in Italy between the dates of 20-26 June 2017 . Later on, 10 Turkish youngsters ranging from 18 to 25 years old join two youth camps in charge of 4 Turkish youth leaders. These camps will be held in Genova (Italy) on 29 July-6 August 2017 and on 24 August-1 September 2017 in Debrecen (Hungary). By means of these project activities, Maltepe District Governorship hopes to make a fairly positive contribution to the solution of migrant/refugee problems and visibility of the current national efforts on these tough issues.

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