“Underwater Museum” Project Submitted to Black Sea CBC Programme: A New Impulse to International Tourism in Maltepe

In cooperation with Maltepe District Governorship (Turkey), Varna Economic Development Agency (Bulgaria), Xanthi Chamber of Commerce (Greece), Odesa National Polytechnic University (Ukraine), Trakya University Health Museum (Turkey), “Underwater Museum” project has been submitted to receive 184.000 Euro grant from Black Sea Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) Programme. By means of this financial support, the project will collect data of the pilot sites around Maltepe and digitize these data through a 3D reconstruction to prepare the field for the pilot actions. Besides, it will pave the way for an increase in social, economic and territorial cohesion of international tourism sector in Maltepe by original toruism packages supporting joint cultural activities and activities concerning to nature preserving and protection of underwater world. In nearly 5 months, Black Sea CBC Programme Committee is supposed to announce beneficiary organisations. According to the results, Maltepe District Governorship plan to build a consortium with national and local partners such as Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (ATTA) and tourism-related local shareholdings.

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