Maltepe District Governorship Attended SOHO Training in Riga/Latvia

With approval of Turkish National Agency in January 2017, Maltepe District Governorship got accredited as Sending and Coordinating European Voluntary Service (EVS) organisation in Erasmus+ KA1 programme. Thus, director-general of the Foreign Affairs and EU Project Office in Maltepe District Governorship attended a specific training activity in Riga between 9-13 May 2017, whose participants were merely composed of sending and hosting (SOHO) EVS organisation representatives.

With total 26 participants from 18 countries, international training activity lasted 5 days and during these activities the present young population (17-30 yo) with  hundreds of thousands youngsters and their future volunteering projects were addressed as a great potential in Maltepe district. Due to this SOHO training, Maltepe District Governorship has extended its social network to different countries, in particular to Norway, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

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