11 Months AGH in Arup Region in Denmark

Project Description:

Bernards Hus is a private institution for 4-7 light mentally handicapped persons, situated near Assens on Funen. The people living here are able to do personal tasks by themselves, and they all work in sheltered workshops.
The volunteer will have the opportunity to meet the everyday life of mentally handicapped persons in a farm environment with both fields, livestock, bakery, kindergarten and all the activities these things provide. It will give the volunteer a whole new angle to his own life, being part of this community with joy, respect and a closeness that is the foundation for a close relationship and a positive outcome of the stay learning about the Danish culture and language. The volunteer will act as an extra hand in the house and follow activities alongside the regular staff. Will be a motivation factor for the persons living here and help them in all aspect of life, both jobwise and in their spare time activities along side with the regular staff.

Project Topics: Disabilities – special needs, Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Project Dates: 01/05/2018 to 02/04/2019

Application Deadline: 14/07/2017

Volunteer Profile: 

  • Young people aged 18-30 years old,
  • The recruitment process is open to all. But we prefer volunteers that are openminded and curious. You need to have a sence of humour, be interested in other people and their way of living. Our volunteers must also have a great ability to listen and to have a feeling for the “situation they are in.
  • English and German language will be very helpful in this position.
  • A volunteer with a non-Danish cultural background will hopefully give the farm some extra intercultural energy and inspiration to its work with a global dimension.

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