A New Project Based on Psychosocial Development Model: Sports in the Face of Substance Abuse

In order to promote Maltepe youth to fight against substance abuse, Maltepe District Governorship developed a youth project by forming a broad cooperation network with Maltepe University Research and Application Centre for Street Children, Maltepe Directorate of Ministry of National Education, Societal Culture and Development Association, Maltepe Directorate of Ministry of Youth and Sports and Maltepe Sports Center of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. On the date of 14/12/2016, the project entitled “Psycho-social development model by Sports in the face of substance abuse” was submitted to the Funding Support for Youth Projects programme granted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports .

The main goal of our project is to encourage early adolescents (i.e. children 14-15 years old) to do sports in alternative sport branches, peering them with role-model mentors selected from university students, so that they can deal with their personal weakpoints that force them to experience drugs by the regulatory effect of physical activities on body and psycho-social support on mind in tandem. Thanks to the funding to be granted for this project, Maltepe District Governorship will have started up an important initiative against all kind substance dependence across middle-level schools.

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