12 Months EVS in Johannesberg, Germany

Project Description:

You simply like working with people, no matter what age, origin or nationality they have? You enjoy playing with kids but also like spending time with the elderly? Then the Mehrgenerationenhaus Lebenträume is just the place for you!
The multi-generational house in the small village of Johannesberg (4000 inhabitants) is a meeting place for all generations. It’s open to people of all ages, nationalities and origin. Their motto is “Everybody is welcome!” and the most important principle is „The young help the elderly and vice versa“. It offers low threshold services like flexible child care, help the elderly with their shopping and house work, help refugees and migrants and much much more!
As a European volunteer you get the chance to experience many different fields of work through the wide range of diverse activities and projects the Mehrgenerationenhaus has to offer. You are also invited to initiate your own ideas and projects.

Project Dates: From 01/09/2018 to 31/08/2019.

Application deadline: 14/01/2018.

Volunteer Profile: 

  • Young people aged 18-30 years old.
  • You have an EVS sending organisation.
  • You are interested in working with people of all ages, nationalities or origin.
  • You like living in a very small community.
  • You have at least some basic knowledge of the German language.
  • You are curious about Germany and its culture.
  • You bring in your own ideas into the project and create, plan and execute your own project.

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