10 Months EVS in Løgstør Denmark

Project Description:

BV Vesthimmerland is a public organization for protective workshops and social jobs for people with disabilities, outside the normal labor market. The protective workshops are safe, disability-friendly environments providing opportunities for people with disabilities from the local community belonging in the area of Vesthimmerland, helping them to develop and improve their skills and to earn an income, through the products that they make, to supplement their disability grants.
BV Vesthimmerland Receiver about 180 people every day, spread on 8 locations in the area of Vesthimmerland Municipality.
The organization employs 40 social-, 3 administrative- workers and a practical staff.
The Volunteer will be involved in activities improving the social competence of the supported citizens.
The Volunteer participate on tours of the house, as well as in developing new activities/jobs for the supported volunteers.
The Volunteer will be involved in marketing.

Project Dates: From Sep 2018 to Jul 2019

Application deadline: 04/01/2018.

Volunteer Profile: 

  • Over the age of 22,
  • Willing to be part of a learning community for disabled people,
  • Willing to learn from the normal staff,
  • Have great interest in people whith a disability,
  • Happy and smiling

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