What is EVS?

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a sub-programme of ERASMUS+, which promotes the mobility of young people in 17-30 age range through international activities with a non-formal education dimension such as youth exchanges, voluntary services, and training of youth workers. To join any EVS project, first you need a sending organisation from your own country like the Maltepe District Governorship in this case. The sending organisation works with you to find a host project abroad, helps you with your preparations, organises travel tickets, insurance, all the paperwork, etc. Second, you need to find a hosting organisation that accommodates you abroad and provide all facilities to join voluntary service in that foreign country.

What requirements do I have to meet for EVS application?

Only one requirement is that you must be between 17 and 30 years of age.

Any deadline to apply for an EVS project?

There is no general deadline though each EVS project has its own deadline according to schedule of hosting organisation.

Are there admission criteria of Maltepe District Governorship as a sending organisation?

We take in consideration, if any, your previous certified volunteering experience in a similar voluntary service in Turkey. Apart from that matter, there is no school grade or any other qualification you have to comply with. Even though you don’t have to speak the language spoken in the host country (e.g English, French or German), it would be still better for you to speak that language at least at basic level so that it takes for granted communication needs requested by voluntary service.

How can I apply for an EVS project through Maltepe District Governorship?

First of all, you have to fill out the application form above in EVS section so that you can make an appointment for a vis-a-vis meeting in the office. In return, appointment details are delivered to applicants by email. After the meeting, applicants are informed via telephone about whether their application was approve or rejected.

Shall I pay for EVS application?

No, it is totally free of charge and we never request payment from you in any stage of the EVS programme. What is more, EVS programme covers all subsistence allowance of volunteers and gives them fair pocket money throughout the project duration.

Shall I have a health insurance in EVS projects?

For the duration of your service, you will have health, accident, invalidity, and third party insurance provided by AXA, a European insurance company. This is organised by your sending organisation, by us, at no cost to you.


We provide EVS volunteers with an official document that will facilitate volunteers to get a visa but we firmly say that it does not make sure visa approval.

Could I study for post-graduate degree during my voluntary service?

No, you can not study for neither graduate nor post-graduate degree by courtesy of your voluntary service.

I cannot stay abroad more than 2 months because of my financial impossibility. Still likely to join EVS project?

Yes, you can participate in short-term EVS projects lasting 2 to 8 weeks that is specially prepared for the youngsters suffering from financial impossibility, physical disability, cultural or territorial disadvantages. Furthermore, EVS programme covers additional expenses pertaining to a companion person who will accompany with a disabled volunteer abroad.

Should I have free time during my EVS?

Yes, you will have free-time two days a week in addition to another 2 days a month. For instance, you would have 18 days free-time for a 9-month voluntary service apart from your two more days a week.

How long per week should I make voluntary service?

You are to make service 30-35 hours per week, but, that includes 4-5 hours spared for your language course. In other words, your service hours add up to nearly 30 hours per week and the other part remains your leisure time.

Where will I accommodate in the hosting country?

There is no standard option since hosting organisations make accommodation options according to their project plans such as staying in a dormitory, sharing a house with other volunteers or a local family.

How many times can I join an EVS project?

You have only one right to join an EVS project. One exception is that if you would join a short-term EVS for two months or less, then you can go for another EVS project in a way that both EVS period cannot pass over 1 year in total.

How can I get further information about EVS?

You can make an appointment for vis-a-vis meeting with the Foreign Affairs and European Union Project Office by filling out the EVS contact form above. For further information, you can attend information days to be organised in upcoming days. Stay tune with our web-site.